Re-homing a cat who quite often has become a part of your family can be a very difficult decision to make, and at New Leaf we try our best to limit this heartbreak. Firstly, we wont judge you, cats who come into our care come from various backgrounds and circumstances, who have been loved very much. 

Next Steps

  1. Fill in the contact form to the right with your details and brief description of your cat (sex, age, medical conditions) and why your re-homing. This helps us understand the needs of the cat to match them with a fosterer in the first instance and then an adopter.

  2. A member of the New Leaf team will get in contact with you to find out more detail and to assess how soon we could bring the cat into care

  3. When a fosterer becomes available we will arrange for the cat to be dropped off or collected. 

  4. We will stay in contact (if agreed) to provide updates on the cat up until they are re-homed. 


Charity Number: SC050192

07307 591988

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