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Trustee - Josie

I’m Josie. I have lived with and loved animals my whole life and I’m thrilled to be a New Leaf Animal Society Trustee. I’m working with the team because like them, I believe that the connection between humans and animals can go far beyond the basic need for food, warmth and shelter if you let it. When you give an animal a new reason every day to trust you, they find a million ways to show you how much they love you. Give animals the space and freedom they need to thrive in your care, and they will quickly fill your home, and your heart, with joy.

By supporting the three pillars of the New Leaf; Research, Education, Adopt. I believe we can build happier, healthier, more meaningful relationships not just for the animals so desperately in need of it, but also very profoundly for the foster and adoptive parents, chosen by New Leaf, who will experience the magic that happens when their animal comes to live with them.

I share my home with Mimi. She’s an affectionate Bicolour Ragdoll Lynx Point which means her fur is fluffy and white, but she’s got beautiful grey ears and a grey tail. Between her eyes, she has striking lynx pattern markings. Mimi was born in France. When my husband died, Mimi was my therapy cat. It was in those months that I discovered the deep depths of human/animal connectivity. As we learned how to face life together without him, we truly learned how to communicate with each other; Mimi and me. We got good at interpreting each other’s moods and behaviour and Mimi learned how to walk on a lead. We go walking every day now. I want as many people as possible to discover their own animal story and with New Leaf we are going to make that possible.


Charity Number: SC050192

07307 591988

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