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The inside scoop

Hey guys!

Thank you for checking out New Leaf Animal Society and joining us on this amazing adventure. We would like to tell you a bit about our story and what we envision in New Leaf's future.

We met each other September 2017 on the Human-Animal Interaction Master's course at The University of Stirling. The range of topics covered and impact the masters had on us alongside our backgrounds brought us together after graduation to embark on this adventure together.

On 5th January 2019, we met up together at the infamous Burgh Coffee shop in Stirling to discuss our dream of opening an adoption centre and having an organisation which focused on research and education. After very quickly deciding that we were going to give this our all, we hummed and hawed for hours on the name. We wanted the name to not just represent a new chapter for the animals, but also a name which represented the human caregiver's role in the new chapter. New Leaf brought together the term new chapter and the planting of new roots. With a little bit of nurturing we hope all animals after new leaf spend the rest of their life in a happy home where they are an equal in their new family.

So, what makes us different and extra exciting?!

1. Our education programmes will be for all ages.

· The most innovative of our programmes is adopters will go on a basic programme about animal behaviour and welfare. We also handhold through the first few months of the adopted animals settling in period. It doesn’t end there, we are always there for them hoping each adopter and adopted animal become a part of our alumni family.

· All programmes will be designed around the latest research and will be updated yearly to ensure we are flexible and changing to benefit the animals.

2. Our fosterers don’t need experience, only passion and a desire to learn. We will train our fosterers up from the very roots of our society and will be with them every step of the way.

3. We are not a society for ourselves; we want to embed ourselves within the society as approachable and work together as a team.

Any organisation who thinks we can benefit one another can partner up with us. If we can’t help, maybe you can! If you want to do an education campaign, then let's collaborate. No project is too big if it may impact the future of human-animal relationships and benefit animals' welfare.

These are only a few of the exciting goals we have. We can only do so much ourselves and really, it's your engagement which will really see these goals become a reality. We can make the foundations. Can you help nurture us to life?

Thank you.

New Leaf Animal Society x


Charity Number: SC050192

07307 591988

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