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My Cat Never gave me Toddler Tantrums!

Louise tell our readers a bit about you and what your usual week looks like?

My weeks can vary depending on if I am having good or bad days.

I live with mobility difficulties which causes chronic pain and chronic fatigue which can vary and I never know how the day might unfold. I always push myself to never give up and my usual week is a picture of activities including chair yoga (hopefully twice a week), attending weekly physiotherapy sessions and I am involved with local organisations one of which is the local food bank.

I can spend a lot of time at home compared to a lot of other people, which is one of the reasons I love having cats. There is almost always a cat at home to keep me company, often with a good book, I would say I read about 3 books a week!

Good or bad day my mantras in life are ‘keep plodding’ and ‘fall down seven times, stand up eight’ which is a Japanese proverb.

Tell us about your cats and how they fit into your week?

I don’t see them as fitting into my week, they are embedded in my life.

I have Napoleon who is 19 ¾ who I have had since he was a small fluffy kitten. He was basically my son’s cat but continues to live in the home he grew up in Kinross with me. When my son comes to see him he gets very excited.

As he has gotten older he has taken to sitting outside waiting for me to return home and refuses to move from the driveway or from under my feet when I need him to.

Last year I was able to adopt two cats called Jack (Tabby & White) and Jill (Black & White), who after an initial settling in period managed to get on amicably with Napoleon once Napoleon final accepted them into his home. Jill unfortunately died this year from a tumour after living with me for 1 year. Whilst Jack continues to thrive and continue to be the most loving and adorable cat I have ever experienced.

I am so glad I adopted Jack and Jill as they brought a completely new dimension to my many years of cat ownership, really emphasising to me how different cats can be. I felt very privileged to give Jill a home where she knew she was loved was able to spend her last few months being loved at home as opposed to an adoption centre.

It sounds like you have had a love for cats your whole life and you spend a lot of time helping those in the community. What would you say your experience is with cats and the benefits to improving lives?

Pets give companionship and they are just there! Sometimes they are there when you need them, at a moment’s notice which family and friends can’t always do.

It can be difficult to put into words. I have been to homes where a cat has lived and when they’re gone, the homes feel empty. I couldn’t imagine my home ever being like that for any length of time!

They bring another dimension to your life and you can think about something else other than yourself. It’s different to caring for family, because cats give you complete unconditional love if you love them in return. They don’t give you the same stress or demands. Napoleon never gave me toddler tantrums or terrible teenage years!

The worst thing a cat has ever done to me is leave a rabbit in the cat flap!


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