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I Just Want to be Your Teddy Bear

For this months Pet Spotlight Abbie tells us all about her dog Teddy. An insight so good you will sure enough finish it wanting your own Teddy.

Abbie, tells us about your Teddy boy and his place in the family.

We got Teddy 3 years ago from a breeder in Scotland. We had lost our cat Sonny in June of that year, he was 18 years old so it was a big loss for us as a family. Having a pet was so normal for us from a young age, so when Sonny passed away the house didn’t seem the same. Then in comes our crazy Cockapoo, Teddy!

Initially my Dad wasn’t too sure whether he wanted another pet and my sister had moved out. Now, my Dad and Teddy are inseparable! He is so full of life and energy and always ready to party (as my Dad says).

He is very jumpy and sometimes goes flying off the couch when he has his mad half hours at night. I must add that Teddy only has 2 toes on his back-left leg! Our groomer noticed and raised it to our attention. The vets said they had never seen it before, but it hasn’t stopped him at all! He runs about just as much as the next dog, but we try to remind him to be careful when he’s playing! I don’t think he understands why…

Despite 'always being ready to party' he has always been quite timid when it comes to meeting new people, new dogs, or being in new environments, including new toys! Which is something we are working on; however, he has improved greatly even since last year.

Once he gets to know you or the environment, he is very relaxed which allows him to show his fun personality! He definitely runs the house (well he thinks so anyway) and my Dad caves to him. He has conditioned my Dad, rather than him condition Teddy but Jake and I can be a little stricter with him, well we try to be. I think he definitely sees me as his big sister, as he tries to push the boundaries with me the most!

Fireworks season has come and gone (mostly). As quite a timid, anxious boy how does he cope?

Teddy does not like fireworks at all, it’s quite a shame. If 1 or 2 go off he’s usually ok but anymore than that in a short space of time it makes him quite nervous. He can shake quite a bit and there is a lot of panting. Once they start going off he tends to seek comfort by lying next to me, Dad or Jake. We try to distract him as much as possible with toys and the occasional treat as well as closing all the windows and blinds to try and drown out any noise.

He likes to be around people on a normal day, so when there are fireworks going off the clinginess increases a lot, but it just means extra cuddles for him and us! It is important that we reassure him that everything is ok.

We also make sure we take him out during the day before it gets dark for a long walk or to the park. He usually goes into our garden for the toilet before bed but this is much harder when fireworks have been going off. If this is the case we try to take him down to the lane near my house late at night when the fireworks have stopped and he usually goes then.

You’re young and having fun in life, how does Teddy react when you’re not around sometimes?

It is quite difficult with Teddy as he suffers from separation anxiety, not only with me but also with my Dad and Jake. He always loves to be around someone, so when we’re not around he can get quite worked up. He doesn’t destroy anything in the house, but he will sit and wait at the window for the whole time we are away.

When I lived in Stirling, he would sometimes come through to stay with me, which I think he really enjoyed. There were more places he could go off the lead and on walks with big fields.

For a while we always had to have someone to watch him, my uncles would step in at that point and help. Now it is different as he is far better than what he used to be, we can leave him for a small amount of time and build it up. We have been able to leave him for around 2 hours, which is something we wouldn’t have been able to do this time last year.

If I go away for trips with friends or to stay at Jake’s Mum’s, he isn’t usually too bothered (my Dad says that anyway). When we come back, he gets super excited and usually, that night ends with him sleeping in my room with me.

I do miss him when I go away or if my mum or another family member has him for a day. I get quite protective and message a lot to see how he is doing. The longest I’ve been away from him recently was one week and I did miss him a lot. He has been a big support for me over the last few years and he definitely helps to relieve my anxiety. Not only that but being around and playing with him is fun for the two of us! He loves it when Jake and I are around because we play with him a lot and run about with him, it is like he is my little brother!

Tell us what is your favourite memory of Teddy?

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact memory if I’m honest, but one of my favourites is seeing Teddy in the snow!

We had a lot of snow around February 2018 and it was the first time that Teddy had seen such heavy snow. Jake and I would build piles of it and before we even started Teddy would run straight up and rub his nose all over it and start to roll in it. In the mornings when there was snow he would leap out onto the grass and roll all over it too! We would also make snowballs and throw them for him and he would spend a while digging through all the snow to find the snowballs! It was hilarious to watch.

We were going through a difficult time as a family at this point, so I think seeing him so happy and content in the snow gave us some happiness too! With him being longer haired he would come in with clumps of snow attached to him which we would need to soak off, but he still loves it! I’m hoping we get snow again this year so we can see him play like that all over again!


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