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Founder & Trustee - Kirsty

My interest and passion for animal welfare arose from two major events growing up; Firstly, I loved the Gorillas in the Mist, it shaped my never-ending love for primates and the cruelty they face from poaching. Secondly, I researched the Dominican Republic of Congo conflict for a project and the poaching monstrosities created a fire within me.

From here I set on a task to understand people better in the hope that with this understanding we could end cruelty for animals worldwide, both domestic and wild. My Psychology degree showed me that understanding the reasons for cruelty was more difficult than I thought. Changing attitudes through education alongside a direct approach to lowering animal stressors was the way forward.

This led me to my research on displacement behaviours in Brown Capuchin monkeys and stereotypies in Captive Female Giraffes. Shortly after I spent some time as a primate keeper for RZSS Living Links to Human Evolution Research Centre and as a volunteer with Cats Protection.

These experiences paved the way to work for Cats Protection as a Deputy Manager and begin the University of Stirling's very unique Masters programme in Human-Animal Interaction. I was fortunate to lead a project on Mobile Animal Experiences with the goal of introducing legislation to protect these animals welfare. This was conducted in collaboration with the Scottish SPCA, The Scottish Government, The University of Edinburgh and The University of Glasgow.

During my time at Cats Protection, I formed some unbreakable bonds. Two of which are with my adopted girls, who are my world. Maisey is a senior long haired tabby/tortie and Minerva a short hair black/white was one of the girls from my first live cat birth (she is featured in the picture with me on one of many of her adventures).

With my knowledge, passion and vision for the world of animal welfare, I want to have an impact on the welfare of animals by incorporating research and education into the adoption process.


Charity Number: SC050192

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