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Communications Volunteer - Abigail

Since childhood I have always adored and owned animals, ranging from reptiles, amphibians and eventually cats.

I was often found returning home with toads and fish or poring over an animal textbook in an attempt to add to my family of creatures. I was known by many of the other children for my love of frogs.

Jordie, our family ginger tabby now well into his senior years, walked in to our lives when he decided to make us his family rather than our neighbours who in fact owned him.

I had been passionate about many species of animals up until his arrival, however he has left an everlasting imprint on my heart that drives me to see changes and progressions made specifically on behalf of the welfare of cats.

I live in Glasgow with my husband, Alan, and our three domestic shorthair cats. There is Artemis our little black house panther, Minerva, our sweet and patient torbie and Sirius, our rambunctious tuxedo, the baby of the family. Sirius was adopted through Cats Protection where I first met Kirsty. Sirius is brother to Kirsty’s cat Minerva.

Another passion in my life is writing which led to my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at The Open University. Since graduating, I have been a Freelance Writer and I am currently working on my first novel.

I truly believe we are caretakers of our planet and it is therefore our responsibility and privilege to be champions for all our precious animals, both wild and domestic.

As a member of the New Leaf team, I am very keen to see all of our ideas and aspirations with regards to animal welfare and its widespread education come to fruition. I will be often found promoting our social media platforms and keeping all of our supporters and followers in the loop with our latest updates and exciting findings.


Charity Number: SC050192

07307 591988

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