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A Final Christmas gift sent from Heaven to Steal our Hearts - Poodle Pups Bonnie and Clyde!

Blue was our loving family dog who brought so much sunshine and happiness into our lives, especially my wife’s. He was so in tune with her spending every minute he could by her side, even going into work with her. Not a day went by where Blue was not at the centre of it. A source of love and comfort at any moment and weighing in at 48kg he was our gentle giant who we loved with all our hearts. We enjoyed every aspect of life as a family, climbing mountains, swimming and chilling at home with our cats.

Until the day he died.

Our hearts were broken when Blue left us. All the memories of him kept us going but without a dog we were lost. Family walks were never the same, breakfasts, dinners without our Blue changed. As strong believers that cats and dogs are so special in making a home complete, we had to take the grief and turn it into something special.

We truly needed the happiness back.

We knew we could not replace Blue but, in his memory, we could love again and be a home for another dog. Then one evening my wife showed me a photo of a litter of poodle puppies from a reputable breeder. We could not have gone anymore opposite from Blue but that’s what we needed, a complete change. We weren’t ready to take another big dog to all Blues favourite and special places. So we spoke to the breeder a few times and felt peace of mind. When we went to visit the litter, our hearts started to feel happiness again.. Two bundles of fun like little teddy bears ran towards us and we immediately bonded. At only 11 weeks old, 1.4kg brother and sister, we called them our Bonnie and Clyde.

When we brought Bonnie and Clyde home we were very lucky because they settled into being part of the family as soon as they arrived. The cats were a little intrigued as to why they were so small, after being used to Blue this must have been quite the surprise. It was good because there was no fear on either side.

Within a week the pups were into a routine nearly toilet trained, content and sleeping together in the cat bed box at night. The cat didn’t seem to mind – I think! They do share my lap with the pups on an evening, all four just curled up in a big fluff ball of love together. It is all very tranquil and blissful for us all.

Walks couldn’t be more different from the long mountain walks were used to. We now take strolls in quaint little towns with the two pups in their baby pram. For their first holiday we went to Argyle and they had their thermal outfits on and enjoyed the adventure and car journeys, more than walking themselves.

Bonnie is the more nervous and timid out of the two. She gets nervous near traffic, but we are gently reassuring her, and she is getting more confident. Whereas Clyde thinks he a big boy, a very mischievous character and loves to play fetch with his Blue teddy.

Every morning the welcome we have from Bonnie and Clyde, the fun and happiness is priceless.

We are all looking forward to their first Christmas, they will make not having Blue around so much easier and we can really embrace and enjoy this next chapter with Bonnie & Clyde.

Thank you for reading our story and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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