At New Leaf Animal Society we support positive and healthy relationships between pets and their owners. During the adoption process we match the cat to a potential owner using a carefully constructed questionnaire designed to match both cat and owner based on their needs and personality. 

For instance if your a cuddly person and at home a lot with a lot of love to give then you might be matched with a cat needed a little more TLC or a cat who is also cuddly and has a lot of love to give. These are two very different cats that could be suited to you and we assess which one would be suited using our homing questionnaire and a 1-1 with your local homing officer.  

When the right match has been found we walk you through the adoption covering cat behaviour, welfare, and care. You then take your cat home and become a New Leaf Alumni. We stay with you from that first meeting right through to your cats twilight years for support, advice and a friendly ear. Meaning no matter what obstacles may arise during your cats life, we are here to help.

Charity Number: SC050192

07307 591988

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