what we do

We understand the value of the bond between owner and pet. Our team work hard to keep pets within their homes, living a health and fulfilled life. Where there is no other option we help owners rehome their cats.

We believe in being proactive, to prevent animal welfare issues arising and relationships between owners and animals breaking down. Our team work throughout our community to provide practical animal welfare support, education and advice. We also take future adopters through cat welfare, care and behaviour during the adoption process and remain active in their lives rom the first meet through to their twilight years. 

Additional to our fostering and adoption we work hard to create reliable educational resources and to make current research accessible. As part of our research and education pillars, we provide student placements and work with the Human-Animal Interaction MSc course at The University of Stirling. We are also part of the group Helping Animal Love People (HALP), working with animal experts and other organisations to share animal welfare and human-animal interaction information from zoo animals to the average furry friend in our homes. 

Out team can help with:

  • neutering advice, so owners do not become overhwlemed with unplanned litters and we can lower the number of unwanted animals needing homes. 

  • advising with minor behavioural and training issues.

  • nutrition and exercise advice for your pet.

  • Student or research placement enquiries

  • Volunteering enquiries

Charity Number: SC050192


07307 591988

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