Our Roots




To be pioneers in refining the animal welfare sector by building education and research programmes which will contribute to a symbiotic society where the Human-Animal relationship is defined by respect, understanding, knowledge and love. This will be utilised to impact and change the adoption experience for animals in our care.



  • Invest in building a strong community of compassionate fosters who share the same values as our organisation.

  • Ensure the right home is provided by re-homing animals in our care through our comprehensive adoption programme.

  • Optimise animal welfare by significantly increasing awareness of Human-Animal Interactions through our education and research programmes.

  • Reduce unwell, unwanted and unloved animals by requiring all animals in our care to be neutered, vaccinated, and promoting the benefits of neutering.

  • Be leaders in Human-Animal Interaction and welfare research through collaboration with leading universities and other relevant organisations.


What to expect from our mission


Short term goals (1 year): To be an established Human-Animal Interaction charity with a community of patrons who help foster, provide hands-on care for animals and advocate our vision and mission.


Medium term goals (3 years): To be recognised in Scotland as a forward-thinking animal welfare charity with comprehensive education and research programmes covering animal welfare, foster and adoption programmes.


Long term goals (5 years): To be recognised in the UK as an innovative, research, education and adoption centre advocating for animal welfare with a focus on the Human-Animal Interaction relationships.